Axcite Quality Management Better quality control

With Axcite Quality Management you can ensure the best possible quality. For example, you can set up extended quality control for the introduction of new suppliers. It is easy to document damage to a product and attach a photo. You can also set up a nonconformity report which automatically generates corrective actions.


Tailored to your activities

  • Better overview

    You get an overview of all quality nonconformities.

  • Easy documentation

    It becomes easy to document all nonconformities per item, per supplier, etc.

  • Management of corrective actions

    Corrective actions such as blocking products and contacting suppliers are managed in the module.

  • Easy receipt of goods

    Procedures associated with goods receipt will be generally easier.

  • The system guides you through the process

    Axcite Quality Management is on your handheld Axcite Pocket terminal, which guides you through the process.

  • Less risk of errors

    The system explains what has to be scanned, and you can only proceed once this is done.

  • Attaching photos

    If a product is damaged, you can take a picture of it and attach it in the system.

Features and benefits

  • Manage incoming goods inspection

  • Improve documentation options in general

  • Initiate corrective actions

  • Create a better overview

  • Specify quality control activities

  • Greater certainty that incoming goods meet the quality requirements

  • Less risk of delivery to a customer or production being delayed

  • Improved earnings

  • Greater customer satisfaction

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