Axcite Pocket Efficient inventory management

Axcite Pocket is an integrated warehouse solution using barcodes for Dynamics AX. The system moves Dynamics AX functionality onto hand-held scanners, which are used to register all warehouse operations. It makes life easy for employees, and ensures that inventory is updated in real-time in Dynamics AX. The solution helps optimise all warehouse operations and far better utilise available warehouse space.


Tailored to your activities

  • Greater efficiency

    More efficient inventory processes, from receipt to shipment.

  • Transparency

    All inventory functions and inventories are in real time.

  • Fewer mistakes

    The barcode system effectively prevents picking and packing errors.

  • Higher quality

    Confidence that the right quantity and quality of goods are received.

  • Full traceability

    Complete control of what has been shipped from the warehouse.

  • Minimal extra costs

    No or very few return orders.

  • Easier staffing

    The solution requires a minimum of system knowledge, so it is easy to assign new employees during holiday leave etc.

  • Better use of space

    Better use of space Implementation of Axcite Logistics can also lead to much better utilisation of warehouse space through reorganisation.

  • Easier procedures

    Every activity you do will be easier with the barcode system in Axcite Pocket.

  • You are guided through the process

    The system helps you to remember all the registrations.

  • Quality assurance

    Axcite Pocket raises the general quality of your work and reduces the number of errors.

  • Refilling when time permits

    The system generates a list of locations that require refilling. This can be done when there is time available.

  • Easier to do stocktaking

    Continuous stocktaking is possible, so a large annual stocktake is avoided.

  • Real-time inventory data

    You can always give the customer a precise answer as to whether a product is in stock.

  • Fewer mistakes

    Picking and packing errors are reduced dramatically with Axcite Pocket.

  • Time saving

    You can spend time on sales rather than handling complaints and return orders.

Packing errors have plummeted, and we have freed up 20 per cent warehouse space since implementing Axcite Pocket.

Kurt Fuglsang Hansen Warehouse Operations Manager, JP Group A/S Read the entire interview

Features and benefits

  • Manage all inventory functions in Dynamics AX

  • Use barcodes everywhere

  • Simplify the processes warehouse employees have to carry out

  • Get an overview of which locations need refilling

  • Better optimise working time spent refilling

  • Count stock without closing the warehouse

  • Train new employees and temporary workers faster

  • Greater transparency

  • Real-time inventory data

  • Streamlined procedures

  • Minimised picking and packing errors

  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • Fewer or no additional costs due to return orders

  • Full traceability

  • Better opportunities for providing customer service

  • Easier to train new employees and temporary workers

  • Better inventory management using bar codes

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